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Genius GE 430LS

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The GE-430LS series can handle almost any type of livestock ventilation application.  Equipped with a large LCD display, the GE-430LS series allows you to view your data directly on-screen.  The user-friendly layout of the faceplate interface contains easy to use navigation buttons, a large 16 by 40 character LCD display, 12 hot keys for quick access, on screen help, a “never get lost” back button, intelligent override toggle switches and indicator status lights for each output.  The history button gives you access to 60 days of controller history. 

The GE-430LS series can also use the optional GE-SL20 slave module to increase the number of relays.  Additionally, the modular design of the GE-430LS series permits easy and cost effective maintenance of your controllers, while providing them with the flexibility to grow and evolve according to your ever-changing needs.


  • User-friendly interface
  • 16 line by 40 character LCD screen
  • Up to 4 independent variables
  • Up to 50 relays with GE-SL20
  • Up to 22 inputs
  • Up to 1 alarm output
  • 60 days of history in controller
  • Integrated help for all parameters
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure
  • CSA approved