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GSI Bird Scale

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Receive accurate bird weights in real time at all times with the GSI Bird Scale!

The bird scale provides early warning on bird health issues resulting in reduced medication costs & reduced mortality.  Provides vital management information for improvements in bird performance.


  • Platform designed to encourages birds to hop onto the scale
  • Easy and fast access to daily or cumulative flock information
  • Average weight, daily gain
  • Daily weighings are categorized into seven different weight groups
  • Standard weight deviation
  • Uniformity bandwidth
  • Up to 4 scales can be connected to one controller
  • Monitor each bird scale independently
  • Keeps flock information in memory up to 125 days
  • When used with the feed scale controller, you also get: Daily feed intake, Daily and cumulative feed conversion
  • Live remote access to your controller and data history so you can make informed decisions 24/7
  • Complete remote access in real time via Internet (computer, electronic pad, smart phone)
  • Automatically forwards graphs and reports by email
  • Easy, adjustable height
  • Load cell is located above the platform away from the litter
  • Easy to remove during cleaning