ONCE LED 8W Dim-to-Blue JLP

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  • Optimized for pullet performance, fully dimmable and programmable to mimic sunrise/sunset
  • Dim-to-Blue® technology enhances animal welfare, improves bird uniformity and meets the birds developmental needs
  • Specialized optics for wide beam spread (>180 degrees)
  • Reduced electrical costs, decreased labor and maintenance, and increased bird performance
  • Enhanced red spectrum maximizes performance in brood phase
  • Watertight, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Patented spectral output for avian vision†
  • Replaces existing CFL, U-Tube and cold-cathode fixtures
  • Mounts in standard, watertight 4” junction box
  • Suitable for wet Locations
  • Rated life: 50 000 hours
  • 5 Year (24/7) warranty
  • ROHS compliant