Straw Chopping

At Clark Ag Systems we offer a straw chopping service-  You have the option to provide the straw and we will chop it at your farm or we can supply and chop the straw for you.

We have a round bale chopper mounted on a 30 foot trailer with a capacity of hauling up to 20 bales of straw. The straw is chopped in the round bale chopper and blown through an eight inch hose into your barn at your requested depth. Typical depths are two inch depth for chicken barns and up to six inch depth for Turkey barns.

Quality Workmanship-  Our most experienced straw chopper operator has been with Clark Ag Systems for over 20 years. All operators are fully trained and diligent in disinfecting their equipment, truck and themselves before and between jobs. All Clark employees are covered by WSIB.

High Quality Straw-  All Clark grown straw and straw purchased by Clark Ag Systems is stored under a roof in a dry area free of wild birds, mold, weeds and foreign objects such as wood, stones and metal.